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Research and Development Program

In SUR we are very serious about Research and Development, Innovation and Knowledge management. We developed an R&D Program and a Training Program in which we invest 20% of our resources:

  1. Disruptive applications based on new satellite architectures and Earth observation APIs (NewSpace).
  2. Image and video intelligence processing systems of UAVs (drones) and their applications
  3. Development image processing systems and applications based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology.
  4. Development of a new generation geospatial framework for the implementation of advanced and specific solutions (the Suri Next Generation product line).
  5. Development of Augmented Reality technology in combination with Geospatial and Earth Observation Technologies.
  6. Embedded systems for real-time image and signal processing, based on GPU and FPGA, and their applications for satellite flight segments and UAVs (drones).
  7. Education Sciences applied to the Training of Users on Geospatial Technologies and Earth Observation.
  8. Computer Vision and Machine Learning for processing remote sensing images. GeoData Science and Big GeoData.
  9. Software Engineering and Embedded Systems for Aerospace Systems applying specific standards.